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Back Pain and Poor Posture


If you’re experiencing pain then your body isn’t liking something you’ve been doing. One of the greatest contributors to chronic back pain may be your “poor” posture whilst sitting at work.

It has been found that incorrect posture has many negative effects on the spine and could be the cause of your pain and difficulty in movement or normal exercise.

A study by Kim et al (2015) found that an e...xercise program for posture correction had significant benefits on musculoskeletal pain and that participants experienced lower pain levels after the exercise program particularly in the shoulders, middle & lower back.

Pop in to see one our Therapists for a postural assessment, manual therapy work and advice on exercises to help improve your posture.

Kim, D., Cho, M., Park, Y., & Yang, Y. (2015). Effect of an exercise program for posture correction on musculoskeletal pain. Journal of physical therapy science, 27(6), 1791-1794.