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Define Health

What really is Health? Everyone talks about Health and being Healthy but is there a normal Health monitor? 

Collins Dictionary defines Health as - 'A person's health is the condition of their body and the extent to which it is free from illness or is able to resist illness.' and 'Health is a state in which a person is not suffering from any illness and is feeling well.'

What is essential to remember is when it comes to Health there are many factors that play a part, the main factors are nutrition, exercise and fitness. How 'healthy' you are is the answer to the calculation between these factors. There are always underlying factors that must be taken into account when defining your own Health, such as family medical history and previous medical history. However through the powers of nutrition, exercise and fitness any underlying factor can be managed, altered and controlled in order to make you the healthiest way possible. 

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Introduction to Sport/ Exercise Nutrition


It’s obvious if you want to get better at running, you’ve got to run more

The same with tennis, you have to put in the hours on court


Maybe you just want to improve your numbers in the gym, or at your twice-weekly boot camp.

Whatever the goal, you’re probably looking for other ways to help you get better at what you do, faster


This means you might start prioritising stretching, improving fitness and conditioning levels, or getting more sleep to help with recovery


All very important factors, but let’s not forget about your diet, and the nutrition aspect of the pie chart


To take you to that next level of being faster, stronger, fitter and able to recover more efficiently  


A nutrition strategy must be part of your plan.

Here are the 3 most important parts of sport/ exercise nutrition




If your body is even 1% dehydrated, this will affect your performance from coordination and focus, to the time it takes you to fatigue


The most accurate measure of hydration is your urine colour, so aim to keep it just off clear, as much as possible




The KING of sport/ exercise nutrition. Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source for both the brain and the body


Without enough stored carbohydrates, your engine will slow and therefore your performance will follow suit




The main driver of recovering effectively


Exercising/ moving/ playing sports breaks down muscle tissue, which then needs to be repaired to grow back bigger and stronger to deal with the same stimulus better next time


Keeping your body in a positive protein balance will enable your body to do the repair and maintenance required to stay efficient and effective between sessions


And there we have it, pretty simple things to implement right?


… But no sign of supplements or sexy performance enhancing genius hacks?


Nope, not here!


Focus on getting the basics right, as the basics is where 80-90% of your results will come


Hydration, carbs and protein. Your 3-sport/ exercise nutrition masters of the trade


Yours In Health,

Steph <3


P.s I hope this article has wet your nutrition appetite (pun fully intended)

If you have any questions around the topics discussed above then please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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