Affordable, Accessible, Convenient

We believe that everyone deserves the right to the highest exceptional standard of Sports Therapy. From sporting injuries, sports massage to Osteopathy and wellbeing care. Everyone has the need to reduce any aches and pains they may have.

The way in which to give everyone this opportunity of receiving Sports Therapy, without the long waits of referrals or expensive private practise prices, is to make Sports Therapy affordable and accessible.

That is why we provide accessible and convenient Sports Therapy in our town based clinics at affordable prices for all.

We are proud to be an award-winning Clinic!

Our Therapists

We have a range of different Therapists working in the Walk in Clinic, Sports Massage Therapist, Graduates and Senior Sports Therapists.

All of the Therapists are highly trained and carry out continuous development courses to ensure they are offering the best Sports Therapy practice possible.

The difference in level of Therapists allows for a staggered pricing structure, to ensure receiving care is affordable to everyone.

 Graduate Therapists

All graduate therapists have fully completed and are qualified in their studies of Sports Therapy either with a BSc Hons degree or a Diploma. They will have received numerous work experience roles throughout their studies in clinical settings and field settings. 

Senior Therapists

All senior therapists have fully completed and are qualified in their studies of Sports Therapy and also have 2 years post graduate experience within a clinic setting. 

Sports Massage Therapists

Our Sports Massage Therapists have a minimum of level 3 Sports Massage

Any equipment or supplies you have been recommended, advised or may need, please speak to Reception or pop in and see us. We do not sell any of our products online.